• “I can honestly vouch for the integrity and true connection to spirit that  Genie has. Her living advice and guidance has helped me on many occcasions. 
    This is the genuine article.
    An Angel saving.”

    Steve Clark
  • “Amazing, Genie is an incredible healer and psychic.I’ve returned over the years,such good advise and accurate.Thank you A xx”


    Amanda Nash
  • “I had a reading done by Gennie the year after the sudden death of family member. Genie sussed I wasnt my usual self and offered to help in any way she could. All Genie asked me for was the departed persons name. I would like to make it clear that this person was not on any social media website and had a different surname to me..so it would be difficult to quickly look up info on the dead person as they had lived in a different country to me. Genie got everything about the person 100% correct ..even the cause of death which is only known by a handful of family members who HAVE NOT publicly discussed this. Genie even picked up on lots of things from my past. I was totally amazed by her accuracy. Not once did she ask me a leading question. The feeling of peace I experienced after the reading was amazing. Genie is a talented psychic and a very kind lady who genuinely enjoys helping people. Oops forgot to mention that she herself suffers from bad health and even when tired and feeling ill will do all she can to help people who are distraught and just need someone to listen. One amazing lady. This testimonial is genuine and written entirely by me.”

    Vikki Sheward
  • “Mike Hazel omg you are amazing!!Everything you said is so accurate!!!Thank you so much!!! You  have made me feel so much better with my gut feelings. Love & Light.”

    Carolina Garrido Sevier
  • “Mike Hazel  you gave me exactly the answer I was looking for.Thank you so much,very accurate down to the project.”

    Lexie Frazier
  • “Mike Hazel  that is so spot on its unreal.Thank you so much for your insight,  as its been tough with us  of late to the point I was going to give up.Thanks again I really needed this “

    Claire Dean
  • “Mike Hazel  yes that is my partner,spot on and you have got us both spot on.Thank you for doing this reading for me.”

    Katy Rowledge
  • Thank you Mike I found the reading and read it. Thank you for the reading it does fit well with me and my life and what has been going on very well. Thank you for the guidance and support I truly appreciate the time for this reading and I will take your advice as well. 😊

    Jessica McNeil
  • Mike, thank you so much for the reading, it has given me a good insight to my future and what I need to do to achieve success. All in all my future looks promising and you have backed that up with your reading, thank you so much for putting my mind at ease, and to know that everything is going to be fine means the world to me.Thank you.

    Joanne Constandinou
  • I am unsure how this works but I received my reading from Sir Mike and he was spot on! It taught me things I did not even know of myself but truly makes sense. I was in turmoil with me past worrying if I had done the right thing and what had I done to deserve such a punishment, but neither was the case. I have never spoken to Sir before this and he mapped out me past and turmoils. And has given me a glimpse into what may come and what to do to achieve it if I have faith. Thank you Sir from the bottom of my heart!

    Vespera Papillon