Tarot Readings with Psychic Nikki Carolan

Tarot Readings with Psychic Nikki Carolan
Nikki Carolan
Hi there! My name is Nikki Carolan  and I  am  a Psychic Tarot Reader-Healer.I am working  with light  and through  my  readings I can  guide  you  and  show you different ways  of  dealing  with ordinary  difficulties.Keeping on a positive  attitude  and  having faith in  our guides is the key to  divinity,enlightenment.
No matter  how  afflicted we feel or how  troubled we are  ,there is always  a  way  to shed light  and improve  matters  in our  regularity.Remember to put out  the good seeds and  good will come your  way. There is not  unsurpassable or unreachable. Everything is possible  with  faith and determination.

How I work
I will be doing  readings through email  as I believe it to be more practical  to  online  sessions .I provide  In-Depth and  Short readings  and answer  all the questions that may rise up.I channel  while  shuffling the cards   and ask  my guides  to  provide me with  clarity and insight .I am here  to guide you and  always  work  for your highest good.I cover all  aspects and matters  and any areas required.Healing will be sent upon request.

Nikki Carolan

Kellylouise Davies– 
“That is such a lovely reading Nikkie, thank you  we are waiting on news for work related things so that sounds fab, thank you x”
Aakanksha Bhardwaj
“Nikki Carolan   every single line truly resonate with my current situation,thank you so much for your time and energy eagerly waiting for your next thread
Sian Jenkins
“Nikki Carolan   thank you very much  yes I have not had it easy so spot on there. I also have arthritis in most joints , suffer scheurmmand disease in my back and have fyromyalgia , was in an abusive relationship but out of it but still affects me x i also love family and friends around me but do tend to spent time alone xx thank you so much for your kind words xx much love xx”