Tarot Readings with Psychic Lesley Edwards

Tarot Readings with Psychic Lesley Edwards
Hello! My name is Lesley  and I am a  Psychic Tarot  reader who is able  to connect to spirit  by  reading  images,photos of your beloved ones.I  have always been aware from a young age of the presence of spirit around me and many unexplained experiences.I would feel a presence either by a warm tingling sensation between my shoulders like pressure on my back or a cold air passing through me and around me.
I have overwhelming feelings prior to someone I know passing and know when something is wrong with my family or close friends. I have received visions in dreams with precise information about forthcoming events, impending danger or healing messages. I hear spirit around me, making me aware by the occasional whisper or my name being called or breathing down my ear.
I also hear vibrational frequencies during spirit connection or when they are trying to connect. Occasionally I get a song that comes into my head or I hear bits of music. After all these experiences all my life I was forced into my gifts. I was drawn to Tarot Cards and started doing Tarot readings past,present & future for close family and we all couldn’t believe the accuracy and how different they were for each person.
I was added to Genies group and really didn’t consider myself as having gifts..And this has enabled me to channel spirit and give me more awareness. I channel my own spirits and quite often have a chat and they guide me to helping whoever  needs it.

How I work
For In-depth General Tarot Reading I use Tarot cards to connect to a person about their life Past,Present and future and pick up on situations in their life. I connect to the person’s energy from a photo. I read the photo to see spirit with them for a message. Then connect the person’s energy to the Tarot cards for their reading.
For a message from a loved one. I connect to the person in spirit in the photo. I obtain messages from scenes like a film clip and see faces,colours, numbers,letters and symbols. I connect the energy to Tarot cards to describe the person in spirit which describes their life for a more precise reading. I also confirm some images using a Crystal ball or high energy crystal. 
I use pendulum for quick answers.I do Past,present & future Crystal Angel card readings.I do  readings by email  as it is  by personal experience  the best  way to guide  someone . You can always go over it  again  and reflect on it  and how it unravels in the future.Always  answer  vague points  and elucidate matters at hand.


Terrance Badger- 
“Thank you  Lesley Edwards  your reading was very good and makes  perfect sense I can rest easy now knowing everything will be ok thank you”


Pam Whitworth- 
“Thank you so much  Lesley, he was a hard worker and your so right he was tolerant but firm, he was my sole mate, loved him very much, thank you again for my card reading and blessings to you xxxx”


Jade Cavanagh- 
“Lesley Edwards   amazing xxx”


Sarah Lou Grandfield- 
“Lesley Edwards oh my goodness. This is my question. Baby or career. You have answered it dear Lesley. Yes im very spiritual indeed. A 1000 blessings to you. How happy you have made me looking forward to my rainbow baby not a lot of money but plenty of love to give